Carrion Crown

Fourth Night (4th/5th day)

  • Severon, a friend of Professor Lorrimor, arrives in Ravengro during the night.  He'd originally been invited to the Professor's funeral but didn't arrive on time.  Kendra fills him in on some particulars and tells him that the others summoned by her father's will are picking up her father's investigation of Harrowstone.  He hurries to the prison.
  • His introduction to the party is somewhat strained; Castiel jumps to the conclusion that Severon is another enemy and is ready to lead the charge against him; Severon draws his bow and they stare each other down for awhile.  Dirk suggests everyone lower their weapons, as Severon doesn't look undead.  They do and Severon explains his presence.  The party is surprisingly trusting and takes him at his word.  He's thankful, but suggests that they might want to…not be so trusting in the future.
  • The continue their exploration of the prison, and stumble across a room that contains the ghost of the Warden's wife.  She explains to them that, even in death, her husband has been keeping the ghostly inmates of the prison in check, including the five worst criminals.  Then robed men came and performed some kind of ritual, and her husband's spirit disappeared.  The wife's guards were all defeated and she was imprisoned in the room.  She's been trying her best to suppress the ghosts and the energy of the place, but it has been…difficult; the spirits of the Five have been causing the ghostly energies of the prison to run amuck, and one of the Five—the Splatterman—has been actively draining her energy.  She says that if they can defeat the five, she can keep their spirits suppressed.  The party commits to helping her.
  • They continue exploring the prison again, this time with a purpose.  They come across a laundry room, where they are attacked by—and defeat—a haunted strait jacket.  Next they come across the shitter, and find nothing of value.
  • Next they come across what appears to be the prison infirmary; moldy cots  fill the main area, and various doors leading to private rooms.  As they spread out to explore, things start flying through the air; a scalpel strikes Castiel and bounces of his breastplate; a rock hits Dirk in the chest.  The apparition appears in brief flashes, and Kaladahr is able to identify it as a poltergeist.  The Poltergeist then shrieks, and Severon and Dirk are consumed by it's aura of fear and flee from the room.  Severon comes to his senses first and returns to join the battle, though he can do little but watch as Barry continuously fills the room with positive energy as Castiel defends hi and Kaladahr attempts to locate the invisible enemy.  By the time Dirk arrives, the battle is already over.  Barry  expends the last of his energy curing the party, and informs the group that the Poltergeist will return in a couple of days.  
  • They explore the room and find:

    • 2x Healer Kit
    • 3x Vials of green Anti-Toxin
    • 2x Vials of pinkish Blood-Block
    • 3x Smelling Salts
    • 2x Vials of blue Soothe Syrup
    • 4x red Potions of Cure Light Wounds
  • The party decides to revisit the Warden's wife to see if she can tell them anything more before returning to the Lorrimor house for the night.
  • As they start down the hallway towards the wife's room, a multitude of floating blue orbs appear in the air; the adventurers are shaken with fear, but the orbs disappear without accosting them.
  • The party continues to the wife's room, but she can't tell them anything new, and suggests they do research in town.
  • The party returns to the house; Kaladahr researches in the Professor's library while the others go to sleep.  He doesn't find anything that relates to the prison or ghosts, but he does categorize the library; specifically, he finds several sources concerning The Whispering Way.
  • The morning of the 5th day (-1TP, Total=26).  The Sheriff stops by to tell the party that the town is having a meeting later in the evening, and that the mayor wants them to be in attendance.  The party agrees.
  • After breakfast, the party goes to the chapel to research the ghosts in Harrowstone, specifically the Splatter Man.  Dirk uncovers his true identity:  Professor Feramin, who studied the importance of names (True Names, for the purposes of summoning and/or controlling creatures).  After an incident involving a succubus, he became obsessed with his research; his reputation was ruined, leading to a lose of tenure and, one could argue, his sanity.  His MO as the Splatter Man involved spelling out the name of his victim in blood, letter by letter over a period of time; when the last letter appeared, the victim died.
  • After the research, Kaladahr again tries to identify the magic of the planchette the party found in the crypt at the beginning of their adventure.  It is made of brass and is used in conjunction with a spirit board (or any surface on which the appropriate letters are inscribed; a piece of wood, sand, etc.).
  • The party goes to the Harrowstone Monument; along with the name of the Warden, his wife, and the guards that perished during the fire, there is a bloody "V."  The bloody letter, having been drawn two days prior, is dried and crusty; they are unable to discern what kind of blood it is, but they can tell it's clean.  (There's evidence of past disease, but it's long since faded).  They also can't identify anything that might tell them who drew it.  They contemplate taking some shavings of the blood, but decide against it, and head back towards town for the meeting.
  • On the road back, a figure ambles towards them form the opposite direction; Severon identifies it as a zombie and charges, striking with its Greatsword.  Berry is close behind, and identifies the body as Tuck, and strikes him down with his own greatsword.  He spits on the body afterwards, verbally assaulting and kicking it until Castiel admonishes him for treating the dead poorly. 
  • Castiel carries the body back to town with them, intent on burying Tuck once again, but leaves him in the backyard of the Lorrimor house, saying he'll bury him after the town meeting.
  • They arrive with Kendra (who they take with them after telling her about Tuck and his zombified corpse in her backyard).  The sheriff is posted just inside the door, and the mayor—on a platform on the other end of the room—waves the adventurers forward to join him and the rest of the town council.  The councilman explains the situation to the gathered townsfolk—how the ghostly energies of Harrowstone have caused all sorts of supernatural trouble in town.  He also says that the adventurers have volunteered to investigate Harrowstone and solve the problem.  (The party is unsure that they said anything of the sort, though they think that Berry might have said something to the sheriff.)  Dissenters in the crowd raise objections about involving strangers in their affairs, and even those who seemed accomodating of the announcement start to turn against the party.
  • Castiel steps forward and attempts to placate them, but it backfires and the mood of the crowd towards the party grows darker.
  • Before anyone can say—or do—anything, the lanterns lining the walls of the meeting hall fly in to the air and smash into the ground, igniting oil fires.  The party leaps into action, but the fires grow faster than they can put them out.  The townspeople, including the councilmen, are frozen in fear and panic.
  • As the party continues fighting the fires, Severon attempts to get the people to move to the center of the hall and move towards the exit, but his words go unheard.  Flaming skulls fly out of the oil fires and begin attacking the adventurers and twonspeople.  Two of the townspeople are lost to fire.
  • Finally, Castiel is able to get the townspeople to move towards the exit; they make it out, and no one else is lost.  The party stays inside; they vanquish the creatures and put out the rest of the fires even after the sheriff flees, claiming it's a lost cause.  They save the hall.  (TP +2; Total=28).
  • The mayor offers them 500 gold apiece to solve the issues of Harrowstone; the party attempts to get half up front, but to no avail.  They return to the Lorrimor house, exhausted, and go to sleep.  (TP -1; Total=27).
  • Tuck's body is left, forgotten, in the back yard.



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