Carrion Crown

First Night

Damn it, Berry!

The Adventure thus far…

  • Castiel is the first to arrive at Professor Lorrimor's estate, where he meets Kendra Lorrimor, the late professor's daughter.
  • While the Paladin and Kendra are exchanging pleasantries, Tuck arrives; he sneaks around back rather than join the conversation.  He attempts to gain access to the house by picking the lock on the back door.  Unsuccessfull, he then climbs through an open window while Kendra leads Castiel inside.
  • While Tuck is perusing the Professor's office, noticing—but not trying to unlock—a black chest inside teh room, Castiel is enjoying refreshments while Kendra waits for the rest of the party to arrive.
  • Kaladahr is next to arrive, and while he is introducing himself to Kendra, Berry shows up and proceeds to interrupt their conversation to introduce himself as well.  Kendra leads them both inside to enjoy refreshments for a moment, but then decides that they've waited long enough and should head to the gravesight; the missing person (Tuck, listening to their conversation behind the office door) can meet them there.
  • Tuck attempts to follow them at a discreet pace but Berry notices they're are being followed; the group turns to look at Tuck, who tries to play it off like he was just heading the same direction, but it was definitely shady.  Kaladahr asks how Tuck knows the Professor; Tuck replies that that's his business.
  • They arrive at the gravesight/funeral home, where Kendra asks if the 4 adventurers to be pallbearers.  They all agree.
  • As they near the gravesite, a mob of peasants come into view.
  • A member of the peasants Gibs Hephenus steps forward as the group nears and, despite Kendra's assurances that she's cleared everything with Father Grimburrow, accuses Lorrimor of being a necromancer unworthy of being buried in their graveyard.
  • Tuck glares the villagers down but that only incites an attack. Gibs runs away at the first sign of violence. 
  • Despite Castiel's calm suggestion that they all put the casket down together, Berry drops his end prematurely.  The rest try to compensate, but ultimately drop it and Lorrimor's body falls out.
  • Tuck has just enough time to glare at Berry before the villagers are upon them; one stumbles during his charge, planting the head of his shovel into the ground and folding himself, hard, over the handle.  He collapses to the ground, vomiting.  Another tries to strike Castiel, but his weapon just dings off of the Paladin's breastplate; a third tries to strike Kendra, but misses and hits his buddy behind him with his shovel; a fourth misses Tuck, and the last misses Kaladahr in.
  • Berry tries to redeem himself by striking the puking peasant with his greatsword, but falls to incapacitate him fully; Tuck attempts to push Kendra back into the crowd of non-hostile villagers behind the group, but fails; Taladahr tells Kendra to duck and casts acid into the eyes of the villager still near her with the shovel, and Castiel strikes that same villager down with his sword.
  • Kendra ducks and casts Mage Armor on herself.
  • A green haired villager with a pitchfork approaches the group from behind; Berry tries, again unsuccessfully, to incapacitate the vomiting peasant (who's now bleeding out as well); Tuck rushes to Kendra's side and disarms the pitchfork man before he can get close enough to strike.  Kendra stays where she is.
  • The Villagers flee; Castiel stabilizes two of the downed villagers, and Berry casts a stabilizing spell of his own.  None of the villagers die.
  • Tuck helps Kendra to her feet; she thanks him, and hurries over to her father's body and begins trying to get it back into the coffin.  Tuck helps.  The four pallbearers complete their duty.
  • Father Grimmsburrow gives a short sermon and then Kendra asks if anyone would like to say something on her father's behalf.  \
  • Castiel steps up and, with an eloquent speech and an appropriate passage from the book of his god, extolls the good professor's virtues.  His words are so moving, Kendra regains some of the trust she lost in the party when they dropped her father (Trust=20).
  • Berry apologizes for dropping the casket and begs forgiveness.
  • Tuck says nothing, merely putting his compass in the casket before returning to his spot (still glaring at Berry).
  • Kendra invites them all back to the estate for refreshments while they wait for the will to be read.  They all agree.
  • There is little talking; Kaladahr wanders Lorrimor's library, where he finds and reads a book containing information on the Whispering Tyrant; Tuck goes back to wandering Lorrimor's office, curiously touching—but not opening—the black chest.
  • An hour passes; the executor of the will, Councilman Vashian Hearthmount, arrives. He first states his unease at having foreigners involved in local affairs, and then unrolls the scroll containing Lorrimor's last will and testament.  A heavy brass key falls to the ground.  In his Will, Lorrimor leaves everything to his daughter, save for the contents of the black chest, which he asks the party to deliver to a university for the payment of 100 platinum each (4,000 gold).  He also asks, however, that the party not leave for a month, and stay with his daughter while she adjusts.
  • Kaladahr picks up the key and the party follows Kendra, who shows them to the chest.  Inside are 4 books.  
  • Castiel takes the Manual of the Order of the Palatine Eye, which has a lock of its own (there is no key, and Kendra has no idea where it might be).
  • Berry takes On Verified Madness.
  • Kaladahr takes Serving Your Hunger.  He also takes The Umbral Leaves, since Tuck refuses to take the other, preferring to leave it alone until it's time to transport them.
  • While Kaladahr reads from The Umbral Leaves—without sharing any of its contents—Tuck asks Kendra to show him someplace quiet.
  • Kendra takes Tuck up to show him the rooms.  After they leave, Kaladahr finds the Professors Journal, which chronicles his investigations into a rising cabal of Necromancers.  He has even stolen some records from the temple, and planned to go back for more, but never got to it before his death.



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