Carrion Crown

7th Night (11th day)

  • TP=23
  • Elda appears during breakfast; Castiel helps Kendra with dishes.
  • Church; seance; minor tension with Castiel over the willingness of spirit to assist/his distrust of Elda.  Uses wiegi board to ascertain if the spirit is willing.  He is.  Elda channels Gutxi Estebe, Cleric of Pharasma 4,000 years ago.  FOught against Whispering Tyrant.
  • Party asks Gutxi about the Whispering Way, symbols found at the prison, etc., but communicating is dificult w/out full posession, which Elda would rather avoid.
  • Return to prison; fight and defeat Piper of Illmarsh.  Dirk plays cursed flute and, after the ghost has ben vanquished, Kaladahr tackles him while Castiel rips the flute from his hand, ending his trance.
  • Kazack appears and watches form afar as the party recovers from their battle.  He makes himself known to the party when they head his way.  There is some suspicion about what he's doing there, but ultimately they decide to let him tag along.
  • Dirk and Castiel retrieve the rest of the cursed items from Vesorianna's room and hand them out to the party while the rest stay with Kazack (still don't fully trust him).
  • Explore top floor; attacked by animated scythe, and Kazack proves his worth by assissting with his acid spells.
  • They explore the hole on the first level; Severon climbs down first, and sees ectoplasmics rising to do battle.  Dirk is next down while Elda secures a second rope; the rest of the party follows soon after.  Ectoplasmics defeated.  Kazack swims out into the submerged part of the basement but finds nothing.
  • They come across a scorched room with skeletons and four doors.  Kazack notices scratch marks on the wall. (skeletons trying to dig themselves out.)



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