Carrion Crown

6th Night (10th day)

  • Sleep (24 TP)
  • Research Whispering Way (success.  The Group is focused on creating Liches, freeing Whispering Tyrant, etc.)
  • Got to prison, transcribe strange symbols on the strange symbols.  Part of a larger ritual involving abjuration/necromantic magics; etched in stone and smeared with blood. Goes around entire buildings foundation, save the NE corner where the building has collapsed.  Ivy and grass has been cleared away from the runes a short while ago.
  • Severon and Dirk do rubbings of the runes.  1am.
  • Go show Vesorianna the etchings; the men and women in black robes came and put the symbols around, but whatever ritual they did they did out of her sight, but she felt it.  Felt like a horrific storm with no wind; chilled soul; very being was being pulled apart.  Instant.  Husband's spirit was taken.  No other info on the runes.  Info on a thin gray skinned human.  Bone staff.  Leader.  Killed someone in the courtyard with foul magic (month ago).
  • Going upstairs, the Party encounters another set of haunted manacles, which they defeat.
  • To the right of the stairs, the party comes across the dining hall, with a collapsed wall that leads out onto a rickety wooden balcony.  Heading towards the balcony, the party is attacked, and defeats, a group of three Sturges.
  • The balcony's crumbled edge leads to vines that lead down to the river and up towards the roof.  Dirk jumps the gap between the collapsed wall and the balcony and is greeted with a puff of purple gas from the flowers on the vines; one of the vines comes to life and attacks, but Severon kills it with an arrow from afar.
  • With his grappling hook and rope, Dirk scales the side of the building up to the roof, revealing another balcony across the way; he starts towards it and is attacked by a Sturges.
  • Hearing the commotion on the roof/Dirk's yelp of suprirse, Severon attempts to follow him, but fails to leap the gap between the dining hall and 1st balcony; he falls into the river below.  The rest of the party uses rope to try and haul him back up.  By the time they have, Dirk ahs defeated the Sturges, though not without being severely injured.
  • Dirk drinks a potion and continues on to the second balcony, which leads to a gazebo-type tower.  BY the time he reaches it, Severon has finally managed to follow him up to the roof.
  •  Inside the gazebo is a lot of rubble; on closer inspection, Dirk finds a trap door beneath the rubble.   Severon is motioning him back from across teh roof, and Dirk—guessing it'll take about 20 minutes to clear the rubble—decides to go back.
  • Severon and Dirk rejoin the party and Dirk tell them what he's seen.  They move on to the Kitchen area, where all they find are empty pantries.
  • The move on to the main cell block; there's a skeleton in each, each seeming to have died from smoke inhalation.  They also come across a large room with a table and chairs, connecting to a balcony; possibly an interrogation room or guard station.
  • They come across a big private cell; as they enter, Severon and Barry hear the jangling of chains.  There's a skeleton in there, chained and weighted down with holy symbols.  The party surmises it must be Father Charlatan.  Castiel traces a holy sign on the skeleton's forehead, to no visible effect.  He wants to take the weights off and see if anything happens (i.e. a ghost appears so he can smite it); Severon wants to keep them on.  The two grapple over it and Dirk, while they do that, replaces the weights.  Kaladahr finds Father Charlatan's journal, but there's nothing special in there; just a mundane accounting of his day-to-day life in prison. Castiel decides to let the matter drop and move on.
  • The encounter more cells, with moldy skeletons inside; suddenly, a flute begins to play, seemingly coming from everywhere at once.  The skeletons come to life, some shambling out of cells whose doors have been busted open.
  • Severon notices blood coming from Barry's eyes; Barry appears frozen, staring at a certain spot in the room.  Severon also notices cuts appearing on Barry's wrists and arms.
  • A skeleton strikes Castiel and, though it doesn't seem like the skeleton did much damage, the Paladin collapses.  Ghostly chains wrap around him.  Severon, Dirk and Kaladahr are left to fend for themselves for awhile.
  • Barry also regains his senses and is able to point out the spot where he saw the ghostly flute player; Severon throws Holy Water at the spot, but doesn't hit anything.  It's impossible to know where the ghost is at the moment.
  • Dirk attempts to free Castiel—from what he assumes is some kind of binding—by dumping Holy Water on the chains binding the skeleton of Father Charlatan; he then tries removing the weights.  Neither seem to have any effect.
  • Kaladahr casts disrupt undead on the ghost-chains binding Castiel, which eventually shatters them.  Castiel wakes up and rejoins the fight.
  • Dirk runs off to get the flute from their stash of items from downstairs; the others fall back towards the stairs, defeating the rest of the skeletons on their way and hounded every step by the Piper.  Barry attempts to channel, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
  • They successfully reach the stairs; when Barry vanishes from sight, the Piper turns it's attention towards Severon.



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